Garden update - February 2014

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The harvest basket is looking a bit empty, and its mid-summer!  We have lots of lettuce, basil, kale and tat soi. A few small carrots, mini capsicums, chillies and gem squash.  The beans are many, but tiny, so I picked them all to make the plant start again and grow some bigger ones.  Also garlic chives in the basket.  January was hot and dry until right in the last week we got 30mm at Nanango and 50mm at Kumbia.  The grass went from burnt brown to flouro green in a matter of days.  We were watering all our grey water, and doing extra loads of washing to make more grey water, as well as the upturned beer bottles throughout the garden.  That's enough to keep things alive, but there's nothing like some decent rain to really get plants to grow and produce.  So next month there might be a bit more in the basket!

Here's what's growing.  Lettuce, bush beans, I planted some more tomatoes and rosella, and there's a mini capsicum in there too.  You can't even see most of that in the photo!  And lots of pots of herbs in the background.

Greens - kales, tat soi, silver beet, more lettuce, borage...

Giant chilli bush is still going and I've picked a few red ones.

More tomatoes in pots (in case I wanted to move them further in the shade), the galangal plant is in there too, getting huge.  And I put that lace curtain over the other tomatoes to encourage them not to die, which does seem to have helped (and added a touch of elegance to the garden!).

And here's the pumpkin and spaghetti squash finally getting some decent growth and spilling out of the garden.  There's two decent squash that I can find, so hoping we will get a few more.

And some flower in my garden this month: garlic chives, pickling cucumbers (last minute plant because Pete was so devastated when I told him that we were on the last jar of last year's pickles), carrot flowers (yay free carrot seed!), and the galangal, which I haven't seen flower before, so it must be the only other plant (apart from the chillies) that appreciates the hot weather (by the way, they have a very slight sweet scent).

And we have a new garden helper!  Since Chime died, it felt very lonely with just one dog, so here's Taz, it does seem that we have a lot to learn about puppies....

And the choko plant has produced one choko.  It looked close to death during the heat, but must have gathered enough strength to produce this one choko.  I hope it has now revived and will make some more.  The idea was that they are very high producers and the chickens and cows like the fruit, but so far it has been a little disappointing!  

Once again, my plans for February are to keep everything alive and harvest when possible.  

How's your garden going?  How was the weather where you are?

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