Farm Update - February 2012

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January has been a month of extremes!  We had a week of 35degC temperatures, dry and hot, the grass was starting to frizzle.....and then in the last few days we have had over 100 mL of rain!  Tanks are full, the dam is full, the garden is going crazy again.  And we are having flash backs to this time last year.

Sorry I keep changing my comments form, I thought I was improving it, but the new one was terrible, I lost all those comments, so I'll just leave it alone now, promise!

Love my shade cloth during the hot days!

stunted corn and mildewy zucchinis/button squash 

first corn cob - front...
and back, tasted great, wish it was bigger!
button squash in all sizes (depends when you find them!)

lettuce going to seed, have planted some more....

so many pickling cucumbers, I've been pickling!

The other half of the garden, tomatoes, capsicum, all the herbs.


finally an eggplant!!!!!  but when to pick it?

The poor mans bean is plotting to take over again.

freezing beans :)

The potatoes, a little disappointing....will try again though.

The chickens waiting at the garden gate for "their share".

All the chicks are getting bigger, don't know what is what yet though!


Bella and Molly are special, they're allowed in the house yard

ROCKET, check out those horns again!
He's really very friendly though :)

This round bale was rather popular.

Dip with cream cheese, garlic, parsley and chives and a little kefir whey.


And here's my girls relaxing in the grass!  Chime and Cheryl :)

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